2018 Appearances

January 19-28, 2018
Island City Opera’s production of  Rimsky-Korsakov’s Mozart and Salieri and Kashckey the Immortal.

January 24, 2018
Black Cedar at Throckmorton Theatre in Mill Valley

February 4, 2018
Black Cedar at the Dominican Center in Fremont

February 18, 2018
"French Baroque for Flutists," a Masterclass at the Mid-Atlantic Flute Convention at the Sheraton Hotel in Reston, Virginia

February 20, 2018
Black Cedar at the Sequoias in Portola Valley

March 17, 2018
Bach Birthday Concert at Music Center of the Northwest in Seattle

April 6, 2018
Black Cedar at Stanford Hospital's Bing Music Series

April 13, 2018
Classical Music for Voice and Flute at St. John's Episcopal Church in Kirkland, WA

June 1, 2018
Black Cedar at U.C. Santa Cruz Music Center

June 3, 2018
Black Cedar at the San Francisco Public Library

June 9, 2018
Black Cedar at Lick Observatory's "Music of the Spheres" atop Mount Hamilton

June 17, 2018
Black Cedar at the Third Sunday Concert Series in Albany

June 23, 2018
Black Cedar at the Davis Art Center

June 24, 2018
Black Cedar at the Foothill Community Concert Series

June 27, 2018
Black Cedar at Sacramento's Westminster Presbyterian for "Music at Noon"

June 28, 2018
Black Cedar at the Berkeley Public Library

July 2, 2018
"French Baroque Performance Practice for Winds," a Lecture Recital at the MTAC State Convention, Hyatt Regency Orange County

October 13, 2018
In Recital with Pianist, Varvara Milinder at San Francisco's Sunset Music and Arts


2019 Appearances

June 4, 2019
Black Cedar at The Sequoias in Portola Valley


“The concert began with Dr. Kris Palmer playing the alto flute accompanied by piano on ‘Nicht Schnell,’ which despite the title (‘not fast’ in German) went by perhaps too fast as hearing the alto flute as a feature is not a common occurrence.  Dr. Palmer played to the piece’s strengths and let the audience enjoy the rich tone of the alto.”

Steven Weinmann, San Francisco International Flute Festival Newsletter Review, June 2012

kris in chapel

"Palmer offered incisive and expressive performances in a program of wide variety that spanned four centuries of cultural diversity…She reveled in the display of virtuosity..."

New York Concert Review, June 2001