"Perhaps partly because she specializes in 18th-century music, Palmer plays on a wood flute with a silver mechanism. Her nuanced and thoughtful rendition of Bach’s C-Major Sonata demonstrated this expertise...In Ursula Kwong-Brown's 'Sunrise for Solo Alto Flute,' Palmer wielded her third instrument of the evening as though she practices on all of them every day. " - San Francisco Classical Voice

Founder and Director of Black Cedar

Second Prize Winner, National Flute Association's Young Artist Competition

Director of the Flute Program at Dominican Sisters School of Music

Carnegie Hall Recital Debut Winner with Artists International

First Prize Winner, Carmel Chamber Music Society Competition

First Prize Winner, Houston's Ruth Burr Awards

Former Member, New Mexico Symphony Orchestra and Chamber Orchestra of Albuquerque

“Kris Palmer performs with a wooden flute rather than the more common silver flute, producing a dark sound that blends well…Palmer plays the classics with authority, reflecting her studies in 18th century performance practice. She finds the character of each movement and presents it in an engaging manner.”

Performing Arts Monterey Bay, November 2016

“Kris Palmer specializes in Baroque flute music and has written a highly specialized book on the subject. A wooden flute has a sound distinctly more mellow and less sparkling than a modern metal flute and in the hands of this highly accomplished performer it blends with the cello and guitar creating a unique blend of sonorities.”

Santa Cruz Sentinel, January 2015


kris palmer

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"Liebermann's Sonata, Op. 23 got a splendid performance tonight. Palmer inhabited the Lento con rubato with sensuous tone and pace, seamlessly joining the flute's registers into one voice. The following Presto energico was its spiky foil, delivered with all the propulsion one could hope for. Most performers go no further, but Palmer described larger structures; this elevated the music from its apparent perpetuum mobile quality to realms of greater scope."

New York Concert Review, June 2001

"Dr. Palmer's knowledge of early 18th century French agréments is comprehensive and refined; she exercised great taste and feeling in their use to celebrate the music as given. Palmer is clearly among the few current performers on any instrument to fully understand the nature of this music."

New York Concert Review, June 2001

"Excellent...a confirmed concert artist of international stature."

Il Nuovo Pontino of Rome, August 1996